The OneNest Project

OneNest Project is a labor of love, bringing together a thoughtful team that plans to build the homes of the future without losing the style and romance of traditional architecture. The project combines the latest material, science and design to build a home in less time, with less waste, and at a high quality similar to that of traditional building methods.

OneNest Project is a brother/sister collaborative of space and art. Mark Turner builds the house and Kathryn Turner fills it with her fine art. This space is shared with the public through special events where visitors can experience this intentionally created space inspired by nature.

Just one hour west of Washington DC, in the heart of Virginia Horse and Wine Country, the location was carefully selected for its direct connection with nature — overlooking the stunning valley, rolling hills and water running through its rocky course. Mark, who has worked in the design and building space for a number of years at his design firm Greenspur, felt that the conversation on the building side needed a shift. He saw buildings getting bigger but with weaker materials and less efficient use of space.

Mark knew he wanted to work with LG Electronics having worked with many of its products in the past. He trusted the high quality of the products but also appreciated the partnership that LG brought to the table.

The HVAC system needed to be multi zone and ductless to fit with the design aesthetic Mark wanted. Having worked with ductless systems in the past, Mark knew it would be the ideal fit for his master plan. 

The team decided on the LG Multi F Max system featuring engineering and design enhancements to deliver increased efficiency ratings, decreased noise levels and improved piping capabilities, while maintaining existing Multi F system footprint and approximate weight. The entire home, 5 different zones in all, will all function off one condenser. The home will use three LG LMAN096HVT (9,000 BTU) and two LMAN126HVT (12,000 BTU) wall mounted units for air distribution.

LG’s Multi F Maxsystem provides a range of options for interior systems, multiple zoning configurations, high energy efficiency (SEER up to 18.4) and quiet operation (57 dB(A) outdoor). Frequently utilized for applications where ductwork is either not an option or inappropriate, Multi F system flexibility is both design friendly and cost efficient.

“The home needed an HVAC system that would help us meet our efficiency goals but we also wanted something that would fit nicely with our aesthetic,” said Turner. “We’ve worked with a lot of systems in the past but I love the LG system for its combination of performance and aesthetics. The project wouldn’t be possible without this system.”