Greenovative Homes

Greenovative Homes are patented, energy efficient homes designed to sell for under $250,000. 

The objective was to install a highly-efficient, zoned temperature control air conditioning system for single-family home build site that could meet Greenovative Homes’ eco-friendly and economical requirements.

Greenovative Homes approached LG Electronics Commercial Air Conditioning to provide a zoned air conditioning system for a new single-family home build site in Lakeland, Florida. After evaluating competitive bids from other manufacturers, the builder chose LG’s Flex Multi-Quad Zone solution.

To match the home’s unique eco-friendly design features, project managers presented a flexible air conditioning solution that could provide independent comfort zones, taking maximum advantage of LG’s innovative inverter technology.

The installed system included two ducted, one wall and one cassette-based zones. The builder was able to effectively offer prospective home buyers an extremely attractive value with the zoned temperature control option, while saving building time and installation costs by integrating duct-free components into the system.

The air conditioning install was completed in less than a week and within budget. With a number of ‘custom-build’ eco-friendly features, including LG’s Flex Multi-Quad Zone system, the home sold immediately at a very competitive market price of $239,000.

At approximately 2,500 square feet, a comparable home in this area has an average utility bill of up to $250/month during summer months, largely due to air conditioning use. With the LG Flex Multi-Quad Zone system, it is not unusual to cool a similar space for an average of $22/month.

“Bringing LG Electronics on board as a technology partner for Greenovative Homes was a no-brainer for us,” said Paul White, President of Greenovative Homes. “In addition to meeting our strict requirements for energy efficiency and eco-friendly features, LG’s advanced air conditioning system is a perfect complement to the Greenovative Home mission – building superior quality, comfortable and low-maintenance ’green’ homes that can be sold at an affordable price point.”