Project Profile - Zero Energy America

Zero Energy America

The LG VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by rapidly adapting to changing loads. The system is also designed to recover heat, making the system remarkably energy efficient.

Energy use, one of today’s most important tenets of sustainability, is the central focus for the Zero Energy America project in Tampa, Florida seeking to construct four homes with net zero grid energy. These homes will leave homeowners without power bills while also providing a model of sustainable construction.

Zero Energy America homes are designed to exceed the highest green building standards. In the warm climates of Florida, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere in the 4,500 square-foot plus homes presented a challenge to builders. After evaluating the market, Marc Rutenberg Homes selected LG’s VRF Multi-Zone solution, a system able to match the home’s unique eco-friendly design features and upscale design.

This project was Marc Rutenberg’s first venture to build net zero homes for the discerning buyer, a project fueled by his commitment to build beyond fashionable market expectations. The homes were constructed using the latest in green and energy-efficient products to achieve net zero energy consumption. Because they use optimized scroll or rotary compressors, specially designed heat exchangers and inverter technology, LG’s VRF systems are able to minimize energy use to levels unattainable by traditional HVAC systems.

The LG VRF Single Phase Multi V System provided builders a flexible solution with independent comfort zoning, which takes maximum advantage of LG’s inverter technology. The installed system, which includes five ducted indoor unit zones operating from a single outdoor unit, offers prospective buyers zone temperature control options, a technology that greatly adds to overall efficiency of the home’s comfort control. The system also saved building time and installation costs by integrating fewer materials to complete installation.

The first two of the net-zero Zero Energy America homes were completed in September 2012. ZEA 3 will be complete near the end of 2012, while ZEA 4, the upcoming 2nd generation home of Zero Energy America, is expected to be completed in May 2013.