Project Profile - Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS)

Box Office Warehouse Suites

The Box Office Warehouse Suites (BOWS) in Fort Worth, Texas, is a unique and affordable commercial lease space constructed entirely of shipping containers. It is made of 154 shipping containers, has bright, inviting colors, glazed storefronts for increased visibility, outdoor patios, and a grassy area. BOWS is flexible, energy-efficient, secure, and has high-quality finishes, making it an ideal location for small businesses. This case study reveals how LG's ductless mini split systems help to keep occupants comfortable while keeping energy bills low.


Temperatures in Fort Worth can get extremely high in the summer and relatively low during the winter, so HVAC plays an essential role in business owners’ and customers’ comfort. “When [RDS Real Estate LP] started building and leasing properties, we began with salons in typical shopping centers and other buildings that used conventional heating and cooling” said Sturgeon. Additionally, according to Sturgeon, the tenants at BOWS tend to skew younger and are more passionate about green initiatives, making energy efficiency top-of-mind for many.




Made from 154 shipping containers, BOWS features bold, inviting colors, glazed storefronts for added visibility, outdoor patios, and a grassy area. As a part of the Fort Worth Design District, the 40-acre “business enclave made for creative entrepreneurs,”1 BOWS is flexible, energy-efficient, secure, and features high-quality finishes, making it the ideal location for small businesses.

It was essential to Sturgeon that each office suite have individual comfort and control to ensure owners and their customers could create and conduct business in an environment that allowed them to be most productive. Plus, it was important that the space be as energy efficient as possible, both to reduce utility bills and have a positive effect on the environment. Having worked with LG’s HVAC products on several other projects, including his own home, Sturgeon specified LG’s Art Cool™ Gallery and Art Cool™ Mirror Indoor Units, Multi F Outdoor Units, and High Efficiency Single Zone Inverter Outdoor Units for the Box Office Warehouse Suites. The project was in the very early stages of design and installation when Sturgeon reached out to Fort Worth-based AC Supply to review the plan and provide input for the installing contractor, Hurst, Texas-based American Air & Heat Co.



Ultimately, the project team specified individual duct-free mini-split HVAC units in each tenant space, along with a compatible outdoor heat pump, a more cost-effective and energy-efficient solution than a conventional air conditioning system. “A large number of the HVAC units used at the Box Office Warehouse Suites were the LG Art Cool Gallery units, which were a clever concept for the tenants that occupy those spaces as they could remove the LG-provided art in the front and display their own art or pricing menu,” said Garrett Davis, Construction Supervisor and Owner, Davis Commercial Services. 

The LG Art Cool Gallery is the industry’s only picture frame air conditioner, allowing end-users to customize their indoor unit with an image of their choosing. It is designed to mount elegantly on a wall and is available in 9,000 and 12,000 Btu/h options. In addition, the Art Cool Gallery self-cleaning coils allow for easy maintenance, which is ideal for the small business owners at BOWS. 

The LG duct-free Art Cool Mirror units used on BOWS range from 9,000 to 12,000 Btu/h capacities. They feature a sleek, smoked-glass mirrored finish that resembles stainless steel, and energy-efficient inverter technology. The duct-free application allows tenants to heat and cool individual spaces to their preferred comfort levels with natural airflow and auto operation modes. In addition, LG duct-free systems are designed for easier and more efficient installation, and most indoor units can mount on virtually any wall.




In selecting and installing the LG DOAS and Multi V VRF system, Gilpatrick was able to get a total building solution that is flexible, energy-efficient, brings outdoor air into the building, and does not rely on natural gas heating or electric resistance heat.

“Since opening we have had a consistent stream of business. The reviews for the food and the space itself have been overwhelmingly positive,” said Gilpatrick. “The LG systems have kept the restaurant comfortable and helped with ventilation and indoor air quality, which has allowed us to focus on the business and our customers rather than worry about the HVAC.”