Stetson Mansion Historical Home

In 1885, famous Philadelphia hat manufacturer John B. Stetson came to Florida and built an 8,500 square foot home on a 300-acre orange grove in the small town of DeLand. The Stetson Mansion was one of the first homes in the world designed and built with Edison Electricity.

One day, a local air conditioning professional, Tod Sutherland, who had been driving past the Stetson Mansion for more than thirty-five years, watching it fall into disrepair, noticed new construction activity on the previously neglected property. Curious as to the new construction activity, Tod pulled into the driveway to investigate.

When owner JT Thompson realized that Tod was in the air conditioning business, he explained the challenge -- air condition a unique historic place with a dramatic curved Polynesian ceiling that prohibits the installation of ductwork. In order to preserve the original architectural integrity, any air conditioning system must avoid cutting any large holes in the walls or structure.

Listening to the owner’s concerns, Sutherland stated to the new owner, JT Thompson, “in my opinion, you could use a to an LG system for your school house air conditioning. They have an air conditioning unit that looks like a piece of art and does not require any ductwork whatsoever.

JT chose the LG ArtCool™ air conditioner units to do the job. Controlled by remote controllers (like a television remote), the stylish ArtCool™ air conditioning units are the first in the industry to combine the high-end style of artwork or photography with the smart technology of an air conditioner, providing an all-in-one solution. In the schoolhouse, two LG ArtCool™ units have been mounted on the wall with two more in the adjacent carriage house.

JT Thompson, the owner, has a group called “Mentors at the Mansion.” The mentors conduct seminars and tape television shows about the unique features of the property. “I tell everyone,” about LG ArtCool™ air conditioning system. It is the number one item about which people inquire on the mansion tour. “They cannot believe that a piece of art can do air conditioning. People are amazed at this system.” Further attesting to JT’s LG fervor, he intends to put LG products in his new “green room.”